Cocos Nucifera

Young Coconut

Young Coconuts are harvested young and directly from the trees to prevent it ages. Its green outer skin is pared away and left encased with a uniquely shaped ivory shell.  Young coconuts are mainly used for its refreshing juice and soft, jelly-like meat inside.

Thailand young coconuts are globally recognized for its unique fragrances and outstanding taste. Hence, making it one of the popular and must-try item for tourists who travelled to Thailand.

Benefits of


Coconut water is low in carbohydrates, sugars, calories and almost completely fat-free.
Furthermore, it is also high in B vitamins, proteins and ascorbic acid. Other than that, the soft flesh inside the coconut helps to restore oxidative tissue damage and contains a source of healthy fats, protein and various vitamins and minerals.

Protect against kidney disease and bladder infection
Restores and support thyroid function
Reduces risk of heart problems
Enhance physical performance
Support immune systems heal

Improves digestion and absorption of nutrients
Improve good cholesterol (HDL)
Protect our body from cancers
Improves insulin secretion
Promotes weight loss


Production Process



Keep refrigerated at 2-5° C, 90-95% RH.
Could last for 2-3 weeks.

Room Temperature
Could last for 2-7 days at room temperature.

Season Availability
All Year Round

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